About blackbox meats

Blackbox Meats was founded by food service veteran Jeff Pugh in 2019. “Our company’s vision is to become the industry leader in the on-demand economy that allows consumers to order high quality meats and have it delivered to their door – FRESH.”
Blackbox Meats is an online ordering platform that connects local or regional supplier(s) directly to consumers in a marketplace. The products made available through Blackbox Meats is not what you will find in a local supermarket or grocery store.
Our goal is to change the way consumers buy meats. Blackbox Meats allows you to choose what you want and receive it when you want it – FRESH. You can simply create your own dinner experience without having to leave your home by selecting one steak at a time. There are no minimums and there are no frozen mail orders.
“I believe high quality meats should be accessible to everyone no matter where you live.”
Jeff Pugh – CEO

Meet the owner

For more information about Jeff Pugh please visit: https://www.freedommeats.com or contact him via LinkedIn directly.