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Beef Tenderloin 4oz Filet

Beef Tenderloin 4oz Filet


Available size: 4 x 4oz Filets, Fresh

The tenderloin is a long, cylindrical, boneless cut of meat from the loin section of beef. The tenderloin extends from the pelvis to the rib cage of the cow. It's very one of the most desirable cuts of meat due to its extreme tenderness.

Also, the “filet” is a type of cut. It doesn't tell you what kind of meat was fileted. If you read that a cut of meat is a filet, you won't know what type of meat is being discussed unless the cut of beef is included in the description, i.e. "Tenderloin Filet."

Our quality beef tenderloin filets arrive at your door in a 4 pack of 4oz FRESH filets ready for cooking to provide you with a superior dining experience.

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Menu Recommendations

Tenderloin filets can be grilled or pan seared and finished in the oven.

For a special meal that will wow your guests try cooking your beef tenderloin steaks with a Port-Rosemary sauce accompanied by grilled carrots and wild rice pilaf.

Another meal idea (for that special someone) is Steak Diane accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and a wilted spinach salad.

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