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Beef Prime Filet Steak

Beef Prime Filet Steak


Available size: 8oz Steak, Fresh

Cut from the supremely tender and mild tenderloin, the Prime filet steak is the leanest and most tender cuts of beef. This is the cut that top chefs and celebrity restaurants in Los Angeles and Las Vegas order and serve to their most discerning patrons.

Each of our grain-finished Prime beef steaks is hand cut and trimmed. Then they’re wet aged for 21 days to enable the enzymes to tenderize them and enhance their natural flavor. They arrive at your door fresh, individually packaged, and ready for cooking.

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Menu Recommendations

The popular cooking method for the Prime filet steak is pan searing over very high heat in a cast iron skillet.

You can pan sear your steak in herbed butter and serve it garnished with a mixture of herbs and spices accompanied by au gratin potatoes and green beans with bacon bits.

If you want to try something a little bit different, pan sear your steak in grapeseed oil and finish it in the oven. Serve your steak with roasted root vegetables and a green salad.

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