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Verlasso Salmon Cold Smoked - 16oz Sliced

Verlasso Salmon Cold Smoked - 16oz Sliced


Available size: 16oz Portion, Frozen

Our quality Cold Smoked Sliced Verlasso Salmon comes as a 3lb Avg Filet Fresh. Ready to eat. Made with a 100% Natural process like all our salmon and other smoked fish.
The cold smoking salmon is salted with smoked sea salt at 80 ° F, beech sawdust and our blend of natural flavors.

Verlasso is the First Farmed Raised Salmon to be Approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a “Good Alternative”

- We use 75% fewer wild-caught feeder fish

- The salmon’s ocean home is pollutant-free

- Our fish have lots of room to grow

- Harvest is always done humanely

- We never use hormones

- We don’t use preventative antibiotics

- We can trace every fish back to the egg

- We give the environment a break

- Our focus is harmony with nature

- We are the future of fish farming

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