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Beef Prime Whole Bone In Rib Roast

Beef Prime Whole Bone In Rib Roast


Available size: 21lb Avg Rib Roast, Fresh

Prime bone-in rib roast is one of the most expensive cuts of beef you can buy. Part of the expense of Prime rib roast is: It’s a better cut of meat that is greatly desired by top chefs all over the globe. Further, a cow has a finite number of ribs making the bone-in rib roast a highly prized cut of meat.

It is also the stuff of legend. The prime rib or standing rib roast is the perfect roast for any special occasion. People stand in line for this cut of beef, and it's always worth the wait…Always!

Not all prime rib is prepared bone-in, but the bone adds flavor and moisture. Also, the rib bones act as a natural roasting rack making your job easier.

Our Midwest grain-finished Prime bone-in rib roast is hand cut and trimmed; then wet aged to enhance your dining pleasure.

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Menu Recommendations

A bone-in rib roast may be smoked or roasted with dry heat in an oven.

Serve your rib roast in its natural juices and accompanied by buttered mushrooms and baked brussels sprouts.

If smoking your rib roast is preferred, try serving it with Yorkshire pudding, glazed carrots, and green bean casserole.

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