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Hot Smoked Salmon Filet with Brown Sugar and Black Peppers

Hot Smoked Salmon Filet with Brown Sugar and Black Peppers


Available size: 7oz Portion

Numerous research reports indicate that farm-raised salmon have higher concentrations of contaminants. However, Verlasso has developed specific processes to avoid the problems associated with the broken farm raised salmon environment. Verlasso’s “fish in, fish out” allows the company to maintain a ratio of 1-to-1 ensuring each salmon is healthier than that found in any other farms. Further, the natural filtration system used by Verlasso produces salmon with a rich, buttery texture and great flavor.

We hot smoke our Verlasso salmon with a rub of honey mixed with black peppercorn that produces a filet that is ready to eat.

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Menu Recommendations

Our hot smoked Verlasso salmon filet can be served “as is” or you can gently warm it in a pan.

Think about serving your salmon filet “as is” with wild rice along with an avocado grapefruit salad. 

Also consider serving your salmon filet pan warmed with wilted chard and a kohlrabi apple slaw.

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