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Lamb Porterhouse

Lamb Porterhouse


Available size: 3.5lb avg package- 12 individual lamb loin chops averaging 4.5oz each

The lamb Porterhouse is also known as lamb loin chops. The lamb loin bone-in chop, just as with the beef Porterhouse, consists of the top loin and the tenderloin. The loin is a tender, delectable part of the lamb. It comes from the back waist area of the lamb and doesn’t have the rib bone.

If you’re a fan of lamb, this is the ultimate lamb chop. It’s hefty and full of flavor.

Our lamb Porterhouse chops come from all-natural American lamb that was grass-fed on open pastures and grain finished as needed. Sustainably raised, you’ll find our lamb to be delicious, lean, and nutritious.

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Menu Recommendations

Lamb Porterhouse chops are best prepared by grilling, broiling, or pan searing.

Consider grilling your lamb Porterhouse chops and serving them with a mint pesto. You can accompany your chops with a white bean salad, and assorted grilled vegetables.

For lamb chops with an unusual flair, try broiling them with a mixture of sumac, tahini, and dill. Accompany your chops with a rice pilaf and a tossed green salad.

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