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Beef Whole Choice Tenderloin

Beef Whole Choice Tenderloin


Available size: 3.5lb Avg Piece, Fresh

The whole Choice tenderloin, also called the tenderloin roast, comes from the rib cage, along the middle back, of the animal. This makes for a lean and flavorful cut of meat because it’s from the tenderest part of the cow. Cooked properly the tenderloin delivers a buttery flavor with a “melt in your mouth” texture.

Our grain-finished Choice Tenderloin is hand cut and trimmed. Then it’s wet aged for 21 days for your dining enjoyment.

Our process ensures that your tenderloin is FRESH and ready for preparation upon arrival at your door.

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Menu Recommendations

Due to its leanness, the whole tenderloin is best suited to dry heat cooking — roasting or grilling.

For a unique flavor that is bound to impress your guests, try roasting your tenderloin and topping it with a rosemary chocolate wine sauce. Add roasted root vegetables along with a cucumber salad and you’re set!

Another meal idea involves smoking your tenderloin. Then serve it with butternut squash and a minty snap pea salad.

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