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Domestic Wagyu Beef Tomahawk

Domestic Wagyu Beef Tomahawk


Available size: 46oz Steak, Fresh

The tomahawk steak, also known as a bone-in ribeye or tomahawk chop, is a big, thick ribeye with a long bone still attached. This gives the steak its signature flavor and unique look, which resembles a Native American tomahawk axe.

Unlike the cowboy steak which has a short-frenched bone; the tomahawk has a long-frenched bone. This produces, not only a classical and impressive presentation but, a delicious and tender steak that is infused with the lush marbling that gives Wagyu beef its incredible flavor and texture.

Our all Natural Mishima Reserve Domestic Wagyu Tomahawk is hand cut and trimmed then wet aged for 21 days. We ship each steak FRESH and individually packaged to ensure your dining pleasure.

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Menu Recommendations

The tomahawk steak is best prepared by either grilling or broiling.

Surprise the special person in your life with a grilled tomahawk steak topped with Cowboy Butter and accompanied by grilled balsamic brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes.

You can also use a spicy dry rub on your tomahawk steak and oven broil it. Serve it with rice or potatoes and grilled asparagus.

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