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Beef Choice Angus Filet Steak

Beef Choice Angus Filet Steak


Available size: 8oz Steak, Fresh

The Black Angus, or more commonly, Angus, is a black-hided breed without horns (also referred to as polled). The breed comes from Scotland originally.

The Angus breed has a number of advantages in the quality of beef. It develops better marbling, which improves the flavor and helps keep the meat moist when cooked.

Our grain-finished Choice Angus file steak is hand cut and trimmed. Then it’s wet aged for 21 days for your dining enjoyment.

Our process ensures that your steak is fresh and ready immediately upon arrival at your door.

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Menu Recommendations

The Choice Angus filet steak is suitable for searing, roasting, or grilling.

Think about roasting this steak with an aromatic rub and a red wine reduction sauce. Serve it with buttered noodles and steamed broccoli.

You can also grill your steak after marinating it in a garlic ginger soy sauce. Then serve your steak over a bed of steamed bok choy alongside a sliced orange and butter lettuce salad.

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