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Bison Sirloin

Bison Sirloin


Available size: 8oz Steak, Frozen

Bison is a very lean meat and it’s heart healthy due to the proportion of protein, fat, mineral, and fatty acids comprising its caloric value. According to the USDA, bison contains significantly less fat and calories as well as less cholesterol. Further, bison includes substantially more protein, iron, and vitamin B-12 than beef, pork, chicken, and salmon.
You will find that Individual cuts of bison are identical to beef. Although, bison can appear with a deeper red because bison has lower fat content, and less marbling than beef.

Since bison is lean, it will cook more quickly so it is important not to overcook bison. Overcooked bison is tough bison. Cooking bison correctly is delicious and tender bison.
Our Bison steaks are a great alternative to our beef steaks.

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Menu Recommendations

The best way to prepare bison sirloin is grilling it. However, due to the leanness of bison meat, be sure to watch it carefully so that you don’t overcook your sirloin and it becomes tough and chewy.
Serve your Bison sirloin with an assortment of seasoned, grilled vegetables and a pasta salad.

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