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Verlasso Salmon Whole Cold Smoked - Sliced - Ready to Eat

Verlasso Salmon Whole Cold Smoked - Sliced - Ready to Eat


Available size: 3lb Avg Filet, Fresh

Delivered to your door and ready to eat, our Verlasso Salmon is cold smoked with sea salt, beech sawdust, and our own blend of natural flavors. Our salmon comes sliced in an average three-pound package, so you can eat it as soon as you receive it. The cold smoking salmon is salted with smoked sea salt at 80 ° F, beech sawdust and our blend of natural flavors.

You can warm your salmon, but you can also eat it cold. Throw it in some sushi, add the slices to a bagel with cream cheese, or place it on your charcuterie board.

Verlasso is the First Farmed Raised Salmon to be Approved by the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a “Good Alternative”

- We use 75% fewer wild-caught feeder fish

- The salmon’s ocean home is pollutant-free

- Our fish have lots of room to grow

- Harvest is always done humanely

- We never use hormones

- We don’t use preventative antibiotics

- We can trace every fish back to the egg

- We give the environment a break

- Our focus is harmony with nature

- We are the future of fish farming

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