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Wild Caught Large Sea Scallops

Wild Caught Large Sea Scallops


Available size: 6 Pieces, Frozen

Sea Scallops have a sweet, uniquely rich taste. Before cooking, their meat is a shiny, translucent white or ivory and they should be firm to the touch. After cooking their meat turns more opaque. These are wild caught from the Atlantic from Massachusetts to Canada.

Each online order of our Wild Caught Large Sea Scallops comes with six pieces of the sweetest, most rich-tasting scallops. When cooked correctly, they become delicate and buttery, even both light and rich.

Sea scallops go great with Fettuccine Alfredo and can also be delicious on their own with a buttery garlic sauce. They pair well with leeks, spinach, and swiss chard, and grilled vegetables are always a good choice.

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