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Beef Prime Dry Age Boneless NY Strip

Beef Prime Dry Age Boneless NY Strip


Available size: 12oz Steak, Fresh

When we talk about dry-aging beef, it means that cuts of meat are placed in very carefully controlled conditions (approximately 35°F and high humidity) for a period of several weeks. This enables the enzymes in the beef to enhance the meat's natural flavor. Dry aging beef produces a complexity of flavor that is sweet, savory, and unique.

Our dry-aged boneless NY strip steaks are juicy and rich with the full natural flavor you expect from a premium cut of beef.

Our grain-finished Prime dry-aged boneless NY strip steak is hand cut and trimmed then dry-aged for 28 days. We deliver our steaks FRESH and individually packaged to ensure an excellent dining experience.

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Menu Recommendations

The Prime dry aged boneless NY strip steak is suitable for pan searing and grilling.

For a special dinner, grill your boneless NY strip steak and top it with blue cheese and onion jam served with warm potato salad and green beans.

Another idea you can try is pan searing your boneless NY strip steak with oil and thyme served over a bed of mashed sweet potatoes accompanied by a green salad.

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