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Beef Prime Bone in Rib Steak - Frenched

Beef Prime Bone in Rib Steak - Frenched


The Frenched bone-in rib steak is cut between the ribs. Each rib bone is trimmed entirely of its intercostal meat so that the bone is exposed from the ventral edge of the longissimus dorsi to the end of the rib bone. Much like its cousins the “Cowboy Ribeye” and the “Tomahawk Ribeye” steaks, the Frenched bone-in ribeye is rich in flavor and juicy with a delightful texture.

The Frenched bone-in rib steak has become popular as of late because they present beautifully and create an impressive dining experience.

Our Prime Frenched bone-in ribeye steaks are hand cut and trimmed; then wet aged for 21 days to ensure a premium dining experience. Each steak is delivered to your home individually packaged and ready for cooking.

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Menu Recommendations

Your Frenched Prime bone-in rib steak can be grilled, broiled, or pan seared.

If you elect to pan sear your rib steak, you can serve it with wilted chard and roasted sweet potatoes.

If you plan to grill your bone-in rib steak, consider serving it with a grilled watermelon salad and assorted grilled vegetables.

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