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Beef Ground Angus Chuck 80/20 - 1LB Brick

Beef Ground Angus Chuck 80/20 - 1LB Brick


Available size: 1lb Brick

The Black Angus, or more commonly, Angus, is a black-hided breed without horns (also referred to as polled). The breed comes from Scotland originally.

The Angus breed has a number of advantages in the quality of beef. It develops better marbling, which improves the flavor and helps keep the meat moist when cooked.

The designation 80/20 for ground beef refers to the mix of lean meat with fat, not nutritional content. Our ground beef is 80 percent lean ground Angus chuck with 20 percent fat, which is rendered out during cooking and leaving you with moist ground meat that is very flavorful.

Our Black Canyon Angus ground chuck is sure to be a family favorite. You can make homemade patties, meatloaf, meatballs great for any ground beef dish. It's simple to prepare, easy to season and cook, and guaranteed to please.

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