Beef Choice Angus Filet Steak

Beef Choice Angus Filet Steak


Available size: 6oz or 8oz Steak, Fresh

Choice angus filets allow you to enjoy the buttery texture of the tenderloin in a leaner cut. Great for grilling and pan-searing. Grain-finished midwest cattle. Wet-aged to perfection.

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6 oz

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Menu Recommendations

The Choice Angus filet steak is suitable for searing, roasting, or grilling.

Think about roasting this steak with an aromatic rub and a red wine reduction sauce. Serve it with buttered noodles and steamed broccoli.

You can also grill your steak after marinating it in a garlic ginger soy sauce. Then serve your steak over a bed of steamed bok choy alongside a sliced orange and butter lettuce salad.


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