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Pork Tenderloin

Pork Tenderloin


Available size: 1lb Avg Portion

A pork tenderloin, also known as the pork filet or "Gentleman's Cut" is a long, narrow, boneless cut of meat that comes from the muscle that runs along the backbone of the pig. A pork loin is wider and flatter, and can be a boneless or bone-in cut of meat.

Pork tenderloin possesses a dark red color that will fade to a light brown after it's cooked. It's very flavorful but lean. As a result, it doesn't have fat to keep it moist while it cooks. Consequently, the pork tenderloin will taste dry if you overcook it.

Our pork tenderloin is lean, tender, flavorful, and exceptionally versatile.

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Menu Recommendations:

Roast your pork tenderloin on high heat (400°F) for 10 minutes. Then reduce the heat to 350°F and cook until your tenderloin’s internal temperature is 145°F.

Serve your pork tenderloin with a combination of side dishes including: Fingerling potatoes, Brussels Sprout salad, polenta, fig and arugula salad, roasted cauliflower, or Heirloom tomato salad.    

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