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Domestic Wagyu Center Cut Filet

Domestic Wagyu Center Cut Filet


Available size: 8oz Steak, Fresh

Wagyu beef is the crown jewel of all Japanese meats. With its exceptional marbling, flavor, and juicy tenderness, Wagyu beef goes beyond the USDA's beef quality grading. Given its significant source of oleic acid and conjugated linoleic acid, Wagyu is beef is heart healthy in moderate quantities.

The center cut of beef yields the traditional filet mignon or tenderloin steak, as well as the Chateaubriand steak and beef Wellington. The tail, which is typically unsuitable for steaks, is suitable for recipes where small pieces of a tender cut are called for, such as beef Stroganoff.

Our all Natural Mishima Reserve Domestic Wagyu center cut filet is hand cut and trimmed then wet aged for 21 days. Each steak is delivered to you FRESH and individually packaged to ensure the highest quality dining experience.

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Menu Recommendations

The domestic Wagyu center cut filet is best prepared by pan searing and finishing in an oven.

If you’re looking for a steakhouse style flavor, try pan searing your filet in a cast iron skillet. Accompany your filet with a fully loaded baked potato and green salad to complete the “steakhouse” experience at home.

You can also try preparing your center cut filet with garlic herb butter accompanied by steamed broccoli and sliced potatoes garnished with parsley.

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